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NGBS P 9(Alkaline Anti-Oxidant Healing Water Unit)

There are various types of water in the world, however we proudly introduce you NGBS Alkaline Water Filter Machine engineered from extensive research that creates Anti-Oxidant Healing water that is beneficial for the body. True Health is not only maintained through the water we consume but with all the water we use in our daily lives…water for drinking, cooking, personal care, general cleansing and sanitation.

Filtration Water Machines - Aquaplus Water

Structured water units

Dynamically Enhanced Units take structuring water to a whole new level. Our standard Structured Water Units are made with highest quality crystals which geometrically allow water to structure and purify itself on a molecular level to bring you highly charged water with a cleaner memory state. But the Enhanced Units have a proprietary blend of high quality natural Earth elements that further purify and charge the water just like its coming out of pristine Earth. That means on top of being cleaned energetically its also being infused with really good energy from the Earth.

Nothing physically is being added to the water. The water is being dynamically and energetically enhanced just by the water moving and vortexing over the special balls inside the unit resulting in creating a harmonic structure which we call structured water.

This unit can be attached to any tap/ outlet at the final stage of filling drinking water.

Filtration Machines - Aquaplus Water Filtration Machines - Alkaline Water

Internal Filters for Alkaline machines

Special filters designed to filter out unwanted contaminants, while retaining healthy minerals in the water. Each internal filter has multi-layer filtration media which include activated carbon, micron filter, Bio Stones, ceramic nano filter, non-woven fabric filter media layered in 7 stages to ensure optimum quality of water is achieved before it gets into the alkaline chamber to bring in the alkaline quality of water which is safe, healthy and loads of anti-oxidant properties in water.

NGBS P 9(Alkaline Anti-Oxidant Healing Water Unit)

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