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330 ml ( 12 bottles pack ) (Price Including VAT)

AED 8/-

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Convenient 500ml bottled water delivered to your door

Perfect for events

Ideal for active and busy areas

Great for sporting events and outdoor activities


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With the 500ml small pack water bottle its never been easier to enjoy the cool taste of Eden Springs water, wherever you are. You can grab a bottle when you are out on the road or keep one handy in the car. And they are the ideal size for lunch boxes. They are available in cases of 24 bottles and can be conveniently delivered with your normal water delivery. Enjoy the quality of Eden water wherever you go with a delivery wherever you are in the UK.

330 ml ( 12 bottles pack ) (Price Including VAT)    BOTTLES FEATURES

Volume 500 ml
pH Level It is pH neutral and provides an alternative to the options of tap water or other bottled brands, which are often acidic and corrosive.
Source Rosewall Creek B.C.
Total Dissolved Solids 45ppm
Fluoride ion 0 Ozonated
Calcium 9.8 mg/L
Arsenic 0 mg/L
Sodium 1.1 mg/L
Magnesium 1.7 mg/L
Lead 0 mg/L
SO4 0.9 mg/L
Nitrogen 0.09 mg/L

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