Water Facts

Aqualpus Antioxidant Fresh water and Aquaplus Water filters

Good, Clean Water Biostone Filter: This standard filter that comes with Aquaplus water filters is highly effective at cleaning contaminants but still leaving beneficial alkaline minerals. A certified metal scan before and after filtration through the Biostone filter clearly shows highly effective filtration of these substances. Reverse osmosis systems do a great job of cleaning or purifying water, however they lack the overall qualities of live alkaline and ionized water. When water becomes too contaminated then an RO system would be the system of choice especially for larger home applications. An alternative is an under sink installation of our RO system that has a pre-filter for adding essential alkaline mineral back to the pure water and has been specifically designed for use with Aquaplus water filters. pH Levels: Acidic water might be good for your skin but not desirable to drink. Alkaline water helps to balance the body out incrementally by providing beneficial anions and alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium which need to be assimilated into our bodies. This assimilation in turn gives the body the essential alkaline minerals necessary for releasing appropriate amount of buffering bicarbonates to neutralize excess acid and further benefits of absorbed anions.. Not only do Aquaplus water filters produce a good range of alkaline water but in conjunction with the other qualities they give the alkaline water a synergistic effect. Alkaline minerals also are a buffer in the duodenum and small intestine naturally produced as a bicarbonate by the body. Minerals Most water naturally has minerals in it and sometimes there is a healthy balance of them and other times more often than not, there’s too much of the wrong stuff. Aquaplus Antioxidant Fresh Water is made with the right mix of minerals for optimum benefits. Micro-clustering Essentially micro-clustering refers to smaller groups of water molecules rather than a typical arrangement of 10 to 13 water molecules in a water cluster. The Aquaplus process reduces the cluster to about half the size – about 5 or 6 in a cluster. This is significant because of better and quicker absorption, and the fact that our cells take in one molecule of water at a time. There are conduits into a cell that are known as aquaporins, and their discovery led to a Nobel Peace prize in chemistry. Importantly, the significance of water that has a smaller cluster size begins in the duodenum and small intestine, where most of water and nutrient absorption occurs. The Aquaplus water smaller cluster size allows nutrients to better flow through and to assimilate easier. Oxidation Reduction Potential Also known as redox potential or ORP and refers to the ability to acquire electrons and be reduced. For example a positively charged anion or ion can be reduced by acquiring electrons from a negatively charged anion. This reduction potential can be measured in millivolt units and strong ionized water can have a -815mV ORP and is a powerful antioxidant because of the action of donating electrons to free radicals and thereby neutralizing them. This negative ORP is what makes Aquaplus water and antioxidant in nature, reducing potential cell damage and destroying free radicals. Summary Aquaplus water can be considered living water because it provides the greatest potential benefit to our health and wellbeing! Water is vital to our health and when we are drinking water with the combined alkaline and antioxidant qualities it stands to reason that our health and well being would be optimized.