7 Reasons to use Water Dispenser

7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Water Dispenser at Home


Hydration is a general concern with most households, with research suggesting that most individuals are not ingesting water at the levels that they should be. Since water dispensers are a common sight in office breakrooms, having one at home may not seem intuitive to the everyday customer. However, water dispensers come in many types, with various functions that suit the specific needs of the household. A water dispenser can enhance the quality of water that your family consumes, or can act like an appliance allowing your family to get easy access to hot/cold water. Given below are seven reasons why you should purchase a water dispenser at your home.

1. Clean and Pure Water

Having a dispenser at your house can ensure that you obtain water from safe and purified sources. Most dispensers have an additional filtration system within the device, ensuring that the final product being consumed by your family is pristine and safe for their consumption. Such filtration ensures that your water source cannot get contaminated, especially in situations like flu outbreaks, as each serving from a dispenser is sterile and pure. Access to clean and pure water, given its fresh taste, is sure to spruce up the quality of all your beverages and cooking as well.

2. Convenience

A water dispenser can make drinking water far more convenient, reducing the process of obtaining water in the press of a button. With dispensers that regulate temperature, you can ensure that cold drinks such as lemonade or mixes are easy to make during summer, and also provide an easy solution to making hot beverages. Water coolers have been shown to increase the amount of water consumed by a household, as it increases the convenience of the process. Furthermore, the comfort of thermal regulation translates into more space in your fridge, as there would be no reason to keep bottles in the refrigerator any longer. 

Having a water dispenser at your home enables you to weather out a crisis as well, ensuring that you have a stock of pure water that can be accessed easily when the times are tough. Most dispensers are compact and portable in their design, and can easily be carried into the outdoor along with your water supply to keep your family hydrated.

3. Installation

While a water dispenser may come with high specs and various features, the installation procedure for most devices is to plug & operate. With mere access to an electrical line, the water dispenser can perform its functions without intervention by a customer. There are no complicated installation guidelines and no requirements for some service personnel to rework your plumbing to get you clean and safe water. 

4. Maintenance

Most water dispensers, unlike purifiers, do not require plumbing to operate and can work seamlessly without requiring water feeds. Water purifiers often suffer depending on the quality of water, and even salinity can erode the effectiveness of filters, requiring constant upkeep and maintenance. With dispensers, any cleaning simply requires a cloth, detergent and disinfectant, which are standard items in a household. Associated services deliver water straight to your doorstep, and often the service provider would be more than happy to affix the water container onto the dispenser to ease your burdens. 

This ensures that the end consumer does not have to be plagued by constant worries of upkeep and saves costs in time and money.

5. Safety

Water dispensers which can regulate the temperature of the water being dispensed ensure that you get rid of various hazards that come with the process of heating water. These hazards affect seniors or children that are present during the process of heating water, such as the fire on the stove, the boiling water within the heavy vessel and the hot vessel itself. Anyone, even children can quickly provide for themselves as the process is shortened to a simple lever. Generally, the tap dispensing hot water also comes with child locks in place.

6. Environmental Friendliness

While relying on bottled drinking water in order to slake thirst is a convenient option, it carries a heavy toll on the environment � plastic bottles are generally discarded and through improper handling reaches the ocean. It is estimated that annually around 4.8 to 12.7 million tons of plastic snakes its way into our oceans, constituting a serious threat to the health and safety of marine life. Having a dispenser eases reliance on plastic bottles, especially if your dispenser can regulate the temperature of dispensed water.

7. Design & Customization

Gone are the days when the only dispenser on the market was the clunky white box that you found in offices and doctor�s chambers. Today�s market enables consumers to not compromise on aesthetics in their bid to obtain pure water. Furthermore, every model offers differing amenities by way of its design. Products come in a wide catalogue, enabling customers to find their perfect fit in terms of style, requirements and budget.


These are just a few of the various advantages a water cooler can provide for your household. Water dispensers today come in an assortment of sizes and uses, with some being appropriate for a countertop, while another suitable to be fitted as a standalone kitchen appliance. Enabling convenience, water dispensers come with a range of features as well, and choosing the right one depends on the needs of the customer.




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