Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

Health Benefits of Alkaline Water 

Water is crucial for human life to sustain on earth. Our body constitutes nearly 65% to 70% water. It is highly essential for carrying out our daily activities. Apart from transferring essential nutrients to all parts of our body, it even helps in eliminating harmful toxins from our bodies. No doubt, water plays an important role in regulating our body temperature and even helps in increasing metabolism.

These days, the efficacy of drinking alkaline water is becoming the talk of the town. Researchers, medical professionals, and health practitioners, all are emphasizing the benefits of drinking alkaline water and recommending people to include them in their daily routine for a healthier life.

If we talk in scientific terms, alkaline water has a pH of more than 7, which means it is loaded with minerals and antioxidants that help maintain a healthy lifestyle. pH (potential of hydrogen) helps in determining the alkalinity and acidity of a substance or liquid. It is measured on a scale ranging between 0 to 14. 7 is the neutral point. So, if a liquid has a pH level below 7, it is termed acidic and if it is above 7, it is termed alkaline.

Various research and studies have proved that alkaline water helps in maintaining the pH level of the body and also helps in the detoxification of the same. Even various studies funded by the World Health Organisation also observed that the people who consume alkaline water are less prone to diseases compared to people who are drinking normal water. The following points will highlight further on health benefits of alkaline water:


  • Helps in soothing acid reflux: Acid reflux refers to the burning sensation in the lower chest, after consuming say junk food, caffeine or any type of food that is acidic. Alkaline water helps in eliminating the pepsin enzyme which is responsible for causing acid reflux, thus providing you relief from heartburn or stomach indigestion.
  • Hydrating properties: Consuming alkaline water makes your body feel more hydrated as it contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Scientific studies have shown that alkaline water molecules are smaller in size and can be easily absorbed by the body, thus making it more hydrated.
  • Detoxification: Drinking alkaline water not only keeps you hydrated but also helps in complete detoxification of the body by eliminating harmful toxins from the same. This greatly will help in increasing metabolism in the body.  
  • Balancing the pH of the body: Due to an unhealthy lifestyle, stress, environmental factors, our body tends to become more acidic. Drinking alkaline water at regular intervals helps in neutralising the acid, thus paving a way for a healthier life and keeping you energised the whole day long.
  • Aid weight loss: Various studies have also shown that drinking alkaline water greatly helps in reducing weight. 
  • Promoting heart health: Various researches have shown that drinking alkaline water for 3 � 4 months regularly will greatly help in lowering cholesterol and blood sugar level, thus helping you from various cardiovascular diseases.
  • Helps in improving bone health: We all know that calcium is very much necessary for bone building. Alkaline water, being rich in calcium, helps in promoting bone density and structure of the bone, thus improving bone health. It also helps in preventing osteoporosis in women.
  • Promotes healthy nervous system: Loaded with magnesium, alkaline water plays a vital role in promoting the healthy nervous system.
  • Regulate blood pressure: Drinking alkaline water at regular intervals helps in regulating blood pressure as it contains sodium, which helps in preventing thyroid and blood pressure.
  • Due to various antioxidants and minerals present in alkaline water, it also helps in preventing the growth of cell-damaging free radicals in the body, thus slowing down the aging process.
  • Consuming alkaline water also greatly helps in reducing the effects of gastrointestinal disorders, thus keeping various stomach-related issues at bay.
  • Even people having concerns of asthma, arthritis, depression, eczema, allergy and back pain have noticed improvement and positive changes in their lifestyle.
  • Various studies and researches have proven that drinking alkaline water at regular intervals helps in improving the immune system of our body. 

There is no denying the fact that drinking alkaline water aids metabolism, helps in detoxification and act as a shield against various diseases, thus providing you with a healthier and rejuvenated life.

Now, you have a clear understanding of what alkaline water is and what are its benefits. Though alkaline water benefits are numerous, one must also know how to consume it in the right possible way. Otherwise, you may land into certain health concerns.

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So, if you are looking forward to a healthy and rejuvenated life, you must incorporate alkaline water into your daily life.




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