Acidity in the body is one of the root causes of disease, illness and obesity. In a more health conscious world, wouldn’t it be great if the everyday water we drink could hydrate and detoxify us better? This is what Aquaplus Energized Fresh Water does.

Aquaplus water undergoes a unique filtration process which gives it rejuvenating alkaline and ultra-hydrating properties. This entire process mimics the way water is processed in nature. Aquaplus water clusters are reduced in size, enabling them to hydrate your body more efficiently. Aquaplus water makes minerals and nutrients much easier for your body to absorb, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and doubly refreshed. It ensures you better hydration, improved detoxification and increased metabolism. The world is just beginning to understand the merits of an alkaline lifestyle.

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Increased Metabolism
Enhanced Hydration
Better Detoxification

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