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Claimed Health Benefits of High Alkaline Water

WHY DRINK PH High Alkaline Drinking WATER?

People ask why PH drinking water is the best water. Most people in the consumer industry are grossly misinformed or should I say under informed of the available benefits of Alkaline water and more so Natural Alkaline Mineral Water. Our aim is to better inform those who claim to be connoisseurs of water and perhaps open the eyes of those who drink any old water and think it is good for them. It would suggest that in most recent studies by various enthusiasts that the benefits of Alkaline water comes in many forms, and not only the Alkaline water but the minerals contained in real and pure mineral water have a major benefit against many debilitating diseases.

It is becoming more evident in recent studies that for pH water in there range 3 to 6.5 which is acidic can contribute to the body’s vulnerability to disease, as disease are known to thrive in an acidic environment within the body. Studies funded by the World Health Organization have found that people who drink water containing minerals experience lower rates of disease than those who drink water with the minerals removed.

About Water

Contains Electrolyte Minerals & Antioxidants

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Naturally Alkalinity from the source

Water with a low pH and deficient in minerals is often described as dead water.lacking the ability to aid the blood to neutralise acids in the body and replenish electrolyte minerals.

100% Pure & Natural

PH Natural Alkaline water is 100% natural.Nothing needs to be added or removed from the water.

Faster Hydration

PH Natural Alkaline Water with it's alkaline pH of 8.3 and high soluble micro cluster properties is the best way to re-hydrate, while building up the bodies reserves of alkaline and electrolyte minerals.

Contains Silica & Selenium

Selenium supports immune funtion and neutralizes certain poisonous substances such as cadmium, mercury, and arsenic that may be ingested or inhaled.

When choosing a bottled water, Taste is all important to the consumer, as ease of drinking will contribute to the ability to consume the recommended 2 Litres per day. The taste of PH is smooth and soft which is caused by the T.D.S (470 ppm) this is an indicator of the amount of minerals in the water.


There have been many studies carried out by many different organizations where the overwhelming results indicate that Alkaline water has many benefits for the human body, especially in today’s society

Loaded with anti-oxidants

When you drink Alkaline water, you are drinking with excess oxygen. Alkaline water is heavily loaded with anti-oxidants which are essential in maintaining healthy cells because proper oxygenation helps in optimum cleansing and detoxification.

Improvement after consumption of Alkaline water:

• Allergy
• Arthritis
• Asthma
• Back pain
• Depression
• Eczema

Beneficial such as Magnesium, Potassium, calcium

Some of the improvements are in conjunction with other treatments which leans towards Alkaline water being beneficial in more than its own right. It is not just the anti-oxidants which are of benefit. PH drinking water has many trace elements which are beneficial such as Magnesium, Potassium, calcium, Silica, Selenium, Calcium Fluoride and Bicarbonates

Alkaline water rehydrates the body faster

Because it penetrates cells more readily due to the smaller clusters of hydration Many diseases thrive in an acidic society. So if you Alkaline your body and raise you pH to the correct level disease cannot persist When you consume an acidic diet and drink water which is not Alkaline the body has to balance blood pH by leaking important mineral such as magnesium, Potassium and Calcium

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